Cypress Tip: Get the Cypress Dashboard App

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Cypress Tip: Get the Cypress Dashboard App

If you're familiar with the Cypress Dashboard, you might immediately suspect that I'm clickbaiting you, but stay with me!

In Chrome there's a way to add shortcuts to ordinary sites (like as "apps". Firefox calls these "site-specific browsers" but sadly they're dropping SSB and PWA support, while other chromium-based browsers are making it more of a mainstay. Edge on Windows supports this feature and will soon allow you to manage/uninstall those apps just like native ones.

Why would we do this? If you're like me, you check on runs frequently throughout the day. You also have a lot of apps and Chrome tabs - like the dashboard - open (because you're uber-productive). Hunting around for the dashboard either takes longer than it should or you have to navigate there every time.

Do this now (trust me):

  1. Open the Cypress Dashboard in Chrome
  2. At the top right, click More (⋮)
  3. Click More Tools
  4. Click Create shortcut
  5. Input Cypress Dashboard as the name for the shortcut
  6. Check the Open as window checkbox
  7. Click Create

Now getting to the Cypress Dashboard is as easy as opening and switching apps!

If you're not familiar with the Dashboard or if you haven't used it in a while, I suggest giving it a try - at least on the free tier. Check out the FAQ if you have a question. Cypress has been making a ton of improvements on it as of late (and more on the way), so it's a worthy investment. I love it!


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