Publish heuristics when a "best practice" isn't universally applicable

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Publish heuristics when a "best practice" isn't universally applicable

There's more than one way to peel a banana. Some may not have the dexterity or a ripe enough banana to do it your way. Does that mean you can't teach it? No!

Speaking for myself, I've been hesitant to produce guides when I was unsure of who would benefit because organizations are not all the same; they might have different priorities, resources, etc.

If we want to be thought-leaders, we need to provide sound advice. Sometimes that advice doesn't apply to everyone and that's OK, but there's an upper limit. We can't continually publish a "best practice" that only applies to 50% of our audience. What if we don't publish anything? While we don't lose face with half of them, we've provided no additional value to all of them!

Instead, we should publish heuristics. A heuristic has a few definitions but in this context what I mean is an if-then statement or decision tree to follow or a set of questions to answer to help determine which solution is best for their particular scenario.

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